Rumblings in the Darkness

Two weeks… That’s all it’s taken to finally shake loose that last itching doubt about most of my Life and really begin to set forward and begin the process of laying the foundation for the future. Two weeks of pain, pleasure, hardship, and confusion; ultimately breaking the mold and throwing the old stained bits of the past into the recycle bin to be later used for better purposes.

At this moment, it’s been too long since I was last able to sit and actually have a moment to put up a new post. I’ve been bouncing again, and most of it’s not been all that pleasant. Soon I’ll head back up to Tennessee once more to get things rolling once again and I have to admit, I’m fairly optimistic about it. Up until recently, I was fairly lost and put out by the state of my life, but that’s when I really realized the irony in that. It’s MY life. I’ve gone too long just letting it happen and there’s much to do with all the years I’ve let slip away.

So in essence, consider this the first post of the new T.E.R. Soon to be fixing everything, archiving the old posts, cleaning up the set up, and basically putting the various Article Series in their respective places. Here’s to hoping you all are doing well and that my future posts will find you when you’re hiding.

Til then, happy holidays and such things as memories will be made of.

~Scarab S.


~ by binarycheshire on November 25, 2010.

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