Vagabond Scribbles

To get I get down with my tactics, I follow my heart and my head, though I feel as if I may stray, I remain on the path and the trail keeps going. It’s a life of living, traveling, riding the veins of the U.S, a couple modern day gypsies kickin’ it on the road, and calling home where they sleep. It’s a love of live, a lust for the road of a different path, a way that wasn’t paved over as so many roads in this world have been. This road is a train track forgotten in the woods, with only the memories of the trains passing over it to keep it company, an echoing of the steel on the tracks ringing through the forests of thought. It’s a desert blooming, followed by a rain forest hazing, the slashing and burning with the smoke of dooming.

“YES!” Scream the peasants when offered the sugar covered illusion of freedom. “NAY!” call the politicians from the highest tower, looking down on us from another world, a world that I shall never call home. There in that Emerald city, resting high on the Capitol Hill.

The Witches be damned! Toto died of parvo, and Dorthy later was verified to be schizophrenic. The land of Oz these days could be Cabrini Green and if Clive Barker was correct, the man behind the curtain could have a hook for a hand. The building is gone but the memories live on. What’s to say that whatever was there doesn’t still exist, just waiting for an entrance back to play with us some more.

What dreams do you have? Are you flying? Soaring high over mountain vistas and deep valleys, do you realize the potential of Dreaming? True dreaming. Some would call it Lucid Dreaming, but none the less, if you have the power to affect your own dreams, you can do anything within the bounds of your mind.

Reality is Perception, Perceptions can be Changed. Open your eyes, do what you want.

When I look at the world, I see a globe with major problems. We sit upon a spinning rock, bound to get hit by an astral body at some point in our existence. Perhaps not OUR life time, or our children’s, or even theirs. No no, I speak of the Future. Yes, I’m sure there’ll be a thing to warn us of what is going on, but there WILL come a time when we must leave this rock. The survival of the human race depends upon our willingness to divide and conquer.

Set your eyes on the stars and aim for the farthest object away.  You’re bound to hit something closer, but at least it’s farther away than just ‘giving up’.


~ by binarycheshire on May 8, 2008.

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