Transmissions from Dreamtime

There was a dream… The golden flecks from the dust in the air glittered and shimmered in the morning haze.  It was a dream, wasn’t it?  These moments between sleeping or waking seem so real yet hazy…

Maybe it’s all real… Perhaps all the police, ambulances, and firetrucks I see truly exist… If so, someone lies in pain.  It seems strange that I know that they exist though the signs I see, but they don’t know of mine.

Do I? Sometimes it would seem so, but what is life, other than a long dream?  Strange and lucid moments drifting up through the aether…

Am I really sitting in traffic on a steadily warmer May morning?  I could be sleeping peacefully in a bed somewhere… After all, I’ve heard we’re all actors in other people’s dreams.  If that’s so, perhaps the dreams that we remember are our own…  Whose dream is this?

Whose life?


~ by binarycheshire on May 8, 2008.

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