Bottle Rockets & Sleeping Pills – The Real Bio Fuel

Here comes a bit of the muse, wandering back down that beaten path, whistling incoherently.

With gas prices rising, though not nearly as much as other countries, one would wonder why gas prices would still rise despite the so called addition of bio-fuel into the gasoline. If they are adding more of something, gas is being taken out. Therefore the price should, logically, go down. Where does that money go? Did they add anything at all?

America runs on Oil. But it also runs on human Blood. Apparently blood really is thicker than oil and not only that, is a better fuel source, being more of a renewable interest than the sludge of dinosaur bones. Sitting in the Plasma Center, I watched the people giving plasma. The true bottom of the poverty line on up to a single random person who looked like he genuinely wanted to help someone. Crackheads sitting uncomfortably in the cracked plastic seating so often found in over crowded DMV offices, with the DMV clerk being the biggest bastard this side of the prime meridian. Scratching themselves and keeping their heads low. The young couple, just learning that life is a bitch as the young mother hands the baby to the unexperienced boyfriend or husband and heads to the back to whore herself in a different fashion.

The place smelled of fear and loathing mixed with the thick odor of disinfectant. There was a sign by the front desk announcing that if you needed extra income for rent money, etc, that the first donation payed 40$. The second visit paid 50$. You were allowed to visit twice a week. That’s $360 dollars a month for a bit of body juice. Anyone whose gone will note that after the plasma is taken out with the blood, the blood is later put back in. Anyone who is a shrewd businessman could see the advantage of just asking if they wouldn’t mind just giving you the blood bag and heading over to the blood bank to see if they’d accept it seeing as needles in the arm more than twice or so a week is just too often.

Perhaps I am too jovial about the whole business…

Let us try another approach, shall we?

What can I tell you about your government that I haven’t already said, or you don’t already know. I can only offer you the support should you need it if you take the offer to stand and change the situation if you don’t like it. I am standing and clapping for those who believe in the Truth still. For those who DO help this coontry, though it still slides. There just seems to be too much stacked in their favor. It IS a sad thing indeed. But what can you do but get mad?  What can you do that will keep you from getting in trouble for standing up for what you believe in?

Fucked if I know people.  If I knew those answers, think I’d be writing this online?  Hell no, I’d have a full publication going in full swing, being able to pay for the dentist and doctor visits I so need to put into my financially retarded situation.

There is a bit of hope over that bleak horizon though.  That hope lies in spreading the word, banding together, getting the facts straight, and shooting the government in the knee and asking kindly for a bit of fucking personal space and respect.

It’s late/early, and I’m heading to bed…  At least in Dreams I can do what I wish without negative consequence.  If only dreams…



~ by binarycheshire on May 8, 2008.

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