Snuff & Adrenaline – Jack Waxes Melancholic

The Fear permeates the city with a dense fog in the mornings. As the day lingers, the fog dissipates, but the Fear just stretches out over the people, engulfing us all in it’s decadence.

We stroll the streets, looking for some kind of trouble to get into. But nothing comes. Sometimes it’s like that. No matter what you do, or where you are, you can’t get anything done. Creativity fades and seeps through the cracks in the sidewalk and you are left with nothing but some sunburn.

Courting the muse is a long forgotten path. These days people don’t wait for inspiration, or even try to draw in inspiration. They just do. And so we end up with a bunch of crap that is passed for “art” or “poetry” or “fiction” or any number of other things. But when you see it, it just fucking bores you to tears.

Court your muse. Find your inspiration. Then bang out that piece of crap you’ll never be proud of. Life keeps on moving down the line. The train will not remember you, and it does not forgive. Walk out on the tracks and stare at the ground. See those are steel rails? Is this what we’ve become?

And so here I am, waxing melancholic, for no reason other than I know not what to write.

I Listen.


~ by Jack Lhasa on May 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Snuff & Adrenaline – Jack Waxes Melancholic”

  1. Cool settings. I’d like to see some characters moving around in the world you set up with your words. Keep writing. How does one court their muse?


  2. […] This was originally published at The Entropy Report, back in May of 2008. I bring it to the forefront with great pleasure. If you’d like to see the original, click here. […]

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