Another Tale from The Road

Time: Unsure

Location: Swampers Bar – Florence, Alabama

Event: Jack and I listen to Christian Turner


Music stirs the soul and heart. It helps us remember times and terms that our minds have forgotten. In the acoustic glamor, Jack and I forget our problems and pains, allowing the music to lift us to enlightenment and awareness. The beer is cold, the music deep, true, and well played. Perhaps it’s the ‘why’ of the matter… Why do we sit here? Why do we continue even when it seems impossible? The answer? If we don’t, who will? Where were you while we were getting high?

There’s something about live accoustic music that touches something in the soul. It brings back those feelings that we’ve been avoiding or have forgotten over the years. You hear the hear the heart and soul of the musician as he weaves the songs before you. Jack and I are ‘home’ right now. We are seeing someone else chase their own dream and doing a damn good job of it in the process.

This was all written on a menu from Swampers at the Marriot in Florence. Alot of the time I will write other things that will be posted once I have time to put them to the nets. It feels good to be able to relax and actually blend in with the world. That comfortable medium between drunk and enlightened. Jack and I are enjoying the hell out of the expensive beer and free music. This is a piece of the American Dream.

The crowd doesn’t exist… We don’t exist… All that is in this world is the music and how much of his soul he puts into his songs. To say that he is great would be an understatement. To really appreciate Christian’s music, you must see him play live. It was a special treat. Christian seems to blank out the world to ‘live’ in the melody. Acoustic, live, performances are closer to the American Dream than even the Statue of Liberty can see during her slumber. Jack and I? Well, we’re the holders of the American Dream, only with insomnia. This is the America we want you to see; other people chasing and living their own dreams.

Dream on ye children of Earth. We’ll wake you when the dawn of a new age comes.

Thanks for the great show and memories Christian, you’ll see us again eventually.


Do you know the sound of Freedom? It’s laughter. In those few moments, all pains and problems disappear. All the chaos of our lives fade away as we chuckle away our problems. And in the end we forget about our problems to simply live, to feel, to create. In those rare moments we are totally Free. While reality slowly creeps in, we become sullen, forgetting the joy of seeing someone excelling in their medium.

Everyone is good at something. Most seem to think that if you can’t do the job you’re given, you’re useless. Those who fail on one job should try again, and again, and again. Until success or surrender. Sticking out the ride to the very end. And if you DO fail despite it all, keep in mind that you tried and that is a victory of itself. Many don’t even do that. To not give up is the ultimate success.

In closing, Jack and I are in part of the Heart of America, finding the unknown, seeing the unseen, doing the un-done. We’re here for you whether you want or need us or not.

Truth is eternal, why shouldn’t people have it?

So long from a drunken Scarab, we’ll see you on the road.


Scarab Susanti


~ by binarycheshire on April 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another Tale from The Road”

  1. I love what you are doing guys…(you and Josh) for now few will appreciate but sooner others will follow…

    Keep up the spirits guys… I’m from Asia and your travel will somehow educate me of US History and other stuff…

    *hugs for you both*

  2. you can now see this with pictures at

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