Hazy Happenings At The Smokehouse

Another bar…

Beer ordered… (Killians)

This is the Smokehouse in Florence, Alabama.

Sitting here sipping the beer, we begin to truly get to work. The hops send us into a journalistic frenzy before unleashing ourselves on the unsuspecting Florence.

I’m not really drinking to get drunk. Jack and I drink to get back to base line and relax before the storm. It’s as if we, like Commander Vimes, were born two drinks below the normal limit.

Mmmm… Killians… Drink it well…

The five pool tables cal to me, but cash is tight and it’s just a game that would amuse me for only so long. The Smokehouse is a nice place. Fairly quiet, no crackle of some football game or the drunken growls and groans of over enthusiastic patrons. My first opinion of the Smokehouse is a good one. It’s worth a stop if you’re hungry or thirsty. The establishment offers a few distractions. Events that they host cover everything from billiards and poker tournaments to a live DJ that Jack and I had the pleasure of hearing.

After the beer, we’ll probably head for the water. Check out the Marina to see if we can get a boat ride from someone. Dunno where, but it would be fun. Need to be near some water…

Happy hour at The Smokehouse is from 4pm – 7pm. It’s been around since the 1800’s, so it’s got a bit of history behind it.

One small note about the Smokehouse that sorta irritated me was that there were no toothpicks. As you know, I have failing teeth, and sometimes need small slivers of wood to rectify the problem.

Upon returning to the Smokehouse after a failed trip to the 360 Grille where the Nazi behind the bar refused me service for having a expired I.D, we had to find an ATM to get some cash to get back into The Smokehouse. Another adventure followed where we had to walk nearly four blocks before realizing that we could have just went 100 yards behind us. Figures, neh?

At least the music has a good beat. Aside from the fairly good beer, great food, great service, and the live DJ, the Smokehouse seems like a worthwhile place to loiter and massacre time. Still… That trunk was comfortable… Almost too comfortable. I’ve been toying with the idea of spinning some glo-stix, but I doubt that it would be very well received.

Most of what the DJ is playing is urban and remixed rap. I’d love to hear some ATB or perhaps Infected Mushroom. But that’s a hopeless dream.

With a Philly Steak on the way, I ponder the eating and whether or not I’ll be able to eat it. If nothing else I can probably get it go. (Which I did.)


We could be anywhere. Any state, any city, any country. From inside this bar, the world is a small place with a scarred but well kept wooden bar. Not far away, people play pool, the green felt worn pale by ages of hands and balls passing over its surface. Some local teens dance to the music, the bass nearly high enough to satisfy even me. Odd place this is, to be sure.

The DJ switches between rap and other well known classics like ACDC. (He’s also using a Mac to do so.)

Bars are nice, but darkened taverns are more to my liking. The ability and option of handing someone a few dollars for privacy is a good addition to any establishment. The Smokehouse is a good place to chill. Nearly no one bothers you, and the employees are nice and do their jobs well.

The Philly Steak & Cheese sandwich was great, though as noted before, I wasn’t able to finish it. It will be eaten later I’m guessing.

The beer flows freely and the Muse is quite ‘out of it’.


Money got tight due to the damned stupid fee for withdrawing money from another bank’s ATM. So we’re trying to compensate in other fashions, as best we can. Sometimes being broke is an adventure in itself. After the bar, it’s back to home base and to throw it all online. (As I’ve just done.)

Personally, this is the American Dream. Traveling, talking to kick ass people, etc. Finding people I don’t know enjoying themselves makes ME happy.

If we’re happy, then it’s worth it.

Regards and more updates tomorrow,

Scarab the Exhausted and Tipsy

P.S:  I have photos of 3 of the people working there tonight.  I’ll get their names and pics up after I’ve transferred them from Jack’s phone and such.

P.P.S: To The Smokehouse –  Thank you guys for showing us a good time.  We’ll be back eventually.


~ by binarycheshire on April 16, 2008.

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  1. you can now see this with pictures at http://twittertravels.com

  2. great review man thanks

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