Further Thoughts From Florence

The world was build on broken dreams and innocent blood.  It does not forgive, forget, and it never stops.  A single growing orangism that drifts through space.  Todays trip began the journey into a world unknown, forgotten, abandoned…  We seek the Truth among the lies and bullshit.  Only coming into society to barter our wares for food and lodging…  So far…  So good…

The U.N.A campus is beautiful.  It even boasts its own pair of Lions.  I imagine myself walking the campus, past buildings supposedly haunted and looming in the night.  The mist in my imagining rising glowing in the light of the lamps, a fine dew eginning to form on the grass.  To one side and back in this misted world.  A silent and pale world, cool and still in the wee hours of the morning, a few hours before Dawn.

A few birds twitter from the shadows of the nearby trees.  Finding a bench, I sit and stare at the mist intently.  I’m pretty sure it stares back.  I blink and the images are gone, the fantasy broken.  As the last bit of glamour fades away, I yawn and glance around.  It’s still ‘Here’ and there seems to be no threat.  Another good sign.

Green in my system, relaxation too, I struggle with the sleep dep.  I’m tired and life continues.  We had a chance to see Helen Keller’s Birth Place.  It was nifty.  (Though it might NOT have been her birth place)

I find the thought of a blind and deaf ghost trying to get around the house, tripping, falling, screaming incomprehensible obscenities at whatever…  It’s amusing to me at any rate.

Alabama also needs to raise the taxes so as to funnel that cash towards road work and fixing the road system for it is made of FAIL.

Well, Jack and I are back on the road again.

Know what time it is?  BEER TIME!

Regards and such,



~ by binarycheshire on April 16, 2008.

5 Responses to “Further Thoughts From Florence”

  1. you can now see this with pictures at http://twittertravels.com

  2. You worthless piece of shit. I’m not a part of your elitest D&D and Magic The Gathering strokefest. But I’m also pretty sure I’ve been employed in the state of Alabama for the past 15 years. A a taxpaying resident of this state how dare you bitch about raising the taxes while the closest thing you have to a job is begging for drinking money on the internet. You bitch about being broke yet you have money to spend on beer and Philly Cheese Steaks. Let’s use some common sense. If you won’t work yet somehow manage to con these poor poor bastards into handing you free cash one would think you would at least use some of these “dontations” to buy your own pack of fucking toothpicks so you can eat the meal that someone has bought you. American Dream? That would be to line up all of you fake intellectual, holier than thou, drug addicted moochers and hand the fair taxpaying citizens of Alabama… No, the entire South East a sack full of stones to put you out of your hippie,weed loving misery. On the other hand, one thing I must commend you for is that my your efforts in being some of the laziest pieces of fuck that I have ever heard about… You allow a good hard working American a better chance at finding a job. So, from one “journalist” to another… See you on the road.

    I’ll be the one swerving at you.

    (Edited for better readability – Didn’t change anything save for capital letters and spacing.) – Scarab

  3. Congratulations to you for being a ‘taxpaying resident’ of Alabama.

    The fact that you bothered to respond all the more makes the general meaning of your message laughable.

    What’s your definition of ‘hippie’? If it’s still in the 1940’s – 50’s definition, you about covered the entire United States and a good part of the known world with that generalization.

    Yes, even I feel as if we’re ‘mooching’ but everyone has to start somewhere. Even if it is begging for change on the internet. While it may not be as tasteful to your own beliefs or practices, if you’ve had a job for the past fifteen years, then you have no room to bitch, you’ve got what you want, and if not, why are you still there?

    We don’t force anyone to give us money, Ted. Everyone who has donated, has done so with the knowledge that Jack and I will spend that money. A good 70-79% of all the donation money goes instantly towards paying for gas. That leaves about $20 out of every $100 that we receive to spend on food, cigarettes, etc.

    Ted, just what IS an American? Do you know? I do. It’s someone willing to chase their dream, regardless of what critics such as yourself say or do. By all means, call me what you will. I have been called worse by third graders with speech impediments, and to be honest, it hurt more coming from them. So Ted, while you sit and throw your shit at us, I’ll be watching you and waiting, because you’ll fuck up, just like everyone else does, even myself.

    And when you do fuck up, I’ll be there to help pick your ass up and dust you off. Because regardless of what you think of me or Jack or what we’re doing, I am glad that you’ve responded as you have. Without people like you I forget just why I strive to become what I WANT over what is expected of me.

    So Ted, when you feel like throwing another rant my way, feel free. Fire away. I work better when I have a clear view of the bastards in the world anyway. 😉


    P.S: You’ll be the one swerving at me? Ted, here’s some advice. Don’t drink and drive. It’s illegal.

  4. Actually, I think Ted Kord brings up some excellent points that I myself, had not considered. Since I’ve personally been donating money, web services, and Starbucks WiFi; I’d like to know if there is any truth to what Ted Kord wrote.

    I will ask @jacklhasa and @scarab the tough questions and try and get to the bottom of this. I agree that transparency is critical. Where has the money been going? Is there any merit to anything Ted Kord has stated? I think his concerns should be addressed.

  5. I just ran a trace route on Ted Kord’s IP address. The IP terminates in TN and not AL. In fact, the IP originates from Jasper. Scarab went to high school in Jasper for a year.

    While I suspect Ted Kord’s response is personal and a sophomoric prank, I will still take it seriously and ask the tough questions just in case there is any truth to Ted Kord’s criticism of TwitterTravels.com.

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