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The sun sets on a new city, a new view to from which to write to the world from.  But soon it will change, another city will follow, and another after that.  What changes beyond the location and the people?  The Hope.  The Hope that someone will connect, will hear our message at it’s Heart.  The memories of past events burning deep into my eye, ears, and writing.  May it be enough to be acceptable.

It’s another world from what was once here.  They dreamed of seeing space and understanding the moon.  We Lived it.  We raped the Earth to do so, but what is a bit of Ozone depletion for some extra cash in the bank?  There was a war fought on this soil a long time ago…  There’s a somber feeling in the air.  I can almost smell the boot polish and the breakfast rations, the blood and gun smoke.   This place has a memory.  Today we will explore this new place.  Try and find the secret areas and select spots.  There in the dream is a message, a repeating note of high quality.  The scenes change, momentum slows, mind afire with thoughts not yet processed.

I’m still wiping sleep from my eyes, and trying to break the crust around my mind so I can function.  It’ll be another hour or so before I’ll feel awake, but by then, Brooke should either be up, or Jack and I will have a game plan for todays little jaunt around Florence, AL.

Our thoughts and thanks go out to everyone who has helped make this first bit of the trip a success.  We’re here, we’re working, and we’ll see YOU on the Road.

Regards and goodbye (till I wake up),



~ by binarycheshire on April 15, 2008.

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