[ Use Your Evil ] – 9 AM (Till we leave…)

Good morning World.  It is now 9:07 am and this is the earliest I have woken up for at least three months now.  (To be honest, I’d probably be going to bed right around now a few months ago.)  For whatever the case, I am awake, alert, and in a rather foul mood.  Not really depressed, but not exactly craving human company.  Already there have been people stopping by to ‘chill’ and at least 6 telemarketers that quickly found out that this was not the number to be calling right about then.  It still amazes me how rude some of them can be.  I imagine sitting around getting paid $8.50 an hour to get hung up on or cussed out.  That seems like a fairly amusing job which could lead to a wondrous new vocabulary.

Doubtless Jack is still asleep happily dreaming of far off worlds.  Bastard…

I suppose that today is the day we kick back into full action again.  Need to get some clothes, grab some of my books and such from storage and then head up to McKay’s to get rid of the books in exchange for cash.

Selling books is one of those things that really pisses me off…  Books are information, information should be free, there for, BOOKS should be free.  But then where does that leave me when I try to sell my writing?  Yeah.  Caught myself in that one.  lol  But still, I don’t like RE-selling them.  Once I’ve acquired a book, I tend to not let it go too easily.  Those are going to be ‘out-dated’ soon.  Not that people don’t think that already probably.  I love the Internet, keyboards, the ease at which I can throw my thoughts on line, etc.  But
you can’t replace the feeling of a book in your hands.  The smell of the paper, the texture of the cover.  It all adds to the experience.  Old books are one of my hobbies.  I don’t collect them.  What the hell would I, someone whose home is subject to change on the fly, do with a collection of old and sentimentally valuable books?  It’s hard enough carting my library around as it is…  I try to keep a few core books with me at all times.  Books that, whether or not I’ve read before, are either too special or too hard to find.

Writing too has taken a step to the back of the line.  There’s nothing I like better than sitting up at my old place of residence in a storm towards the evening, oil lamp burning, cigarette smoldering, and mind ablaze with ideas.  O.o  I like fire.  But continuing…  Sitting there writing as the storm rages around me, catching visions of the valley in the flashes of lightning.  Sometimes storms enjoy themselves as they pass.  They have personality.  Tennessee has some of the most beautiful storms that I’ve seen.  Georgia’s in comparison are rather… Pathetic.

Ever notice when you are used to a flexible schedule how you can generally tell the time of the day by the ‘color’ of the light coming through the blinds?  Unless of course it’s that ONE time of the day where it looks like dusk and it looks like dawn and you can’t make a damn bit of sense which is which.  Unless you get up.  My problem today actually…  Still, I AM writing so today is not wasted.  So far.

Beyond this window to the Internet, beyond the glass and liquid crystal and silicon…  I am liable to be doing anything.  I give you glimpses of my world, my life, but you will never truly understand it, for you have not lived it.  Even if your situation is bad, learn to take from each event, good and bad.  Experience is a harsh mistress, true, but she is also a good teacher.  The world is spinning.  A ball of rock, molten metals, water, etc…  Spinning in space, around the Sun.  (Or has that been changed in schools these days too?)  When you really look at it, we’re tiny.  Minuscule.  We mean about as much as the ash that falls from my cigarette.  It is wiped away and the little tiny particles get absorbed into the fabric of my pants.  Much like the universe recycling itself and things folding into the fabric of space.

Well… 9:30 now.  Guess I’ll end it here.



P.S:  Thank you Sorenj!


~ by binarycheshire on April 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi, nice very nice page..!

    Good luck !

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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