Planning is the fun part

Here’s where I stand at the moment in planning for the trip at hand.

+ Fixed the ParAdoX Box – Switched out the old HD with a new 80 gig model.  (Well, not really new…  but it works and that’s all that matters.)

+ Got a Webcam and headset for the ParAdoX Box – (Thanks to those who donated, the money went to a good cause.)

+ Researching places we’ll be, things that have gone on there, and why we should swing through.  It’s all very dull, seeing these amazing places in pictures, but knowing that I can’t get to them yet.

+ Working with Jack Lhasa and the mastermind behind the madness of our publicity, Mark Davidson of Shift+1 Media and to spread the word and get people interested.

+ Slowly polishing my writing so it’s not nearly as atrocious as I have let it become.  (BAD SCARAB!  *smacks with a newspaper*)

+ Trying to get the word out to others on such sites and places as Gaia Online, Counterstrike (1.6), and a few others that I frequent.

+ Packing up, Making lists, checking them twice, and even thrice.  (Take THAT Santa.)

+ Trying to get it all into a manageable little cube so I can jump on it a few times.


~ by binarycheshire on March 29, 2008.

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