Irritable Thoughts on God

The sun sets on a sleepy world, the last rays of light piercing the air and disappearing shortly after.  The world moves, spinning through space, insignificant and minuscule in comparison to the cosmos.  It brings perspective to me.  I truly mean NOTHING.  All the actions that we do, all the wars we fight, all the tears we cry, mean NOTHING.  When you look at it like this, what is the point of life?  I can answer that.  To LIVE, to exist, to feel.  Humans are some of the most close minded individuals ever to believe that the galaxy revolves around them.

It’s almost like the old time belief that the Sun revolved around Earth.  We are ignorant, spoiled, violent little buggers that tend to fuck it up not only for us, but for other species in the pyramid of life.  Boldly we have went where no man has gone before, and quickly spray painted our name and how big our dick was when we got there, on the walls.  It’s all just speculation I suppose, of a greater question.

If this God created us in ‘his’ image, then technically, God is a wanker, just like the rest of us.

Hope it makes you laugh if not think.

~Che$hire aka Scarab


~ by binarycheshire on March 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “Irritable Thoughts on God”

  1. the biggest mistake man has made was humanizing “God”.

  2. I agree.

  3. I loved this blog until the end, but Gracie’s reply made me reflect a little more… I love it again. Good stuff.

    I enjoy your reflections on life and philosophy. It’s a nice break from building websites for a living. You know, that profession that ultimately means nothing in this world. =)

  4. Thank you Gracie for salvaging this blog. 🙂

    Sometimes I spend hours painting a beautiful sunset, only to find that in the end, the sun has set and I am sitting alone on a mountain top with a canvas I can no longer see.

    Thank you Rooster.

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