[ Use Your Evil ] – Whispers from the Void

The world blurs, senses fail, reality jumps….

Spirals and spirals and spirals away… The world beckons with outstretched claws, ready to grasp all that we have sought after. And in the darkness, walking among the fog shrouded streetlights, I follow a path all my own, a creed, a way, a night, a day…

Where did it go? The lost knowledge that once filled the imagination in the flight of a phoenix in the after light of a nuclear dawn. Reds, grays, and violent hues painting the world a shade of gray known only in the peace of Death’s attention. Her laugh like the joy of addiction, the purest and deepest you can find, it leaves me weak in the soul and my heart, but a more beautiful laugh will not be found. For a dream in a dream and a chat on a dune, I say thank you to that memory…

Like the blues can keep a beaten heart, the winds of change can tempt the soul. The wanderlust of youth…


~ by binarycheshire on March 8, 2008.

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