[ Use Your Evil ] – How to ‘Use Your Evil’ #1

Greetings to all the world!

I’ve been writing [ Use Your Evil ] for some time now, though I’ve not really posted an explanation or an in depth look at it.

[ Use Your Evil ] is a column for the Alternative Net User.  A column for the Anarchist in us all.  From time to time, I’ll drop a post that everyone who prefers to live on the fringe of society might have a use for.

Disclaimer:  All posts for [ Use Your Evil ] are for INFORMATIONAL purposes ONLY.

In this issue, we’ll be discussing a MIRT, or a Mobile Infra-Red Transmitter.

While there are several purposes that this little device could be applied to, the main one we will be addressing is the MIRT’s usage in turning Red Lights to Green.

The following link is to a page where you can find the instructions to construct your own (generally highly illegal) MIRT.   (A huge ‘Thank You’ to the I-Hacked community.)

Now keep in mind that the MIRT only works on Traffic Lights that have Infra-Red sensors.  Another really big point is the fact that the ones that have these Sensors are the ones that also have cameras.  While the human eye cannot see Infra-Red light, these cameras CAN.  So keep that in mind when you pop off your MIRT because while everyone else will be oblivious, you’ll be painted like a rainbow in a black and white photo.  In other words, keep in mind that the use of this device doesn’t come without MAJOR ramifications if you are caught with it in your possession or are caught using it.

This is the first piece of equipment that I will add to the Anarchitect Toolkit.

Just what is an Anarchitect?  An Anarchitect is someone who walks the gray line between law and order and maintains a moral code and creed that, in the end, is for the greater good.  An Anarchitects motto is ‘We build upon the chaos’.  And we do.

We take a chaotic situation and direct it to a purpose that  accomplishes something.  While the deed accomplished can be for selfish or charitable reasons, the energy of the chaos is not wasted.


(If you feel that there should be more to the Anarchitect Toolkit, please email me the information on the items and the thoughts behind their uses.  All information is for INFORMATIONAL purposes only and all submissions are Anonymous unless a request is made for the contributor’s name to added.)

.:The Anarchitect Toolkit:.

1 MIRT – Self Made

Spray Paint – 5$ (or so.)

MP3 Player – 50$+

3 changes of Clothes – ‘Goth’, ‘Church’, and ‘Business’ attire.  – Prices Vary, but understand that these are Costumes for use in Social Engineering.  They are NOT who you ARE.

2 Go-phones – 1 for personal use, one as a ‘throw away’. – 40$

Police Scanner – 50$+

EEE PC – 300$+  –  Everyone needs a good portable computer.  – Link


I hope this has entertained and informed those of you that chose to read it.

Regards and Free Information,



~ by binarycheshire on March 8, 2008.

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