Bloody Hell in America – June 28, 2005

(This is an old write up I did a while ago. It’s opinionated, uncensored, and probably to be considered horrible. I like it.


Bloody Hell in America

June 28, 2005

Location: Lost

The last vestiges of daylight slowly dwindle away as we begin the wait for a new tomorrow. Though I cannot hear it up in the mountains, I’m sure there are thousands of sirens, gunshots, and screams sounding throughout the cities of the world. Somewhere, a mother holds her dead infant to her breast, tears running down her face as gunfire echoes in the air that smells of blood, shit, and the decaying diseased racked bodies of those around her. Somewhere a war rages, soldiers dying for a cause that was lost well before the war began. The screams of fallen friends and brothers ripping through the field, indistinguishable from the screams of the enemy. And somewhere, fat politicians sit safe and secure behind fences of power and money, built upon the lives of the fallen, counting their ever-increasing piles of silver, paid to them in increments of thirty a head.

Have I caught your attention yet? Good. To you the reader, I ask a favor. If you cannot deal with what I write about, politely shoot yourself in the head and clean the walls your own damn self, because in some way, shape, or form, you are the reason this is happening. If not from direct interference, then from inaction. Nowadays you’re as guilty for what you did not do as much as what you have done. If it was up to me, most if not all of you would be forced to watch the horrors visited upon the people of other countries. All of you would be forced to live homeless for a year, cut off from loved ones and all the niceties that having a home involves. And every single one of you fuckers would be forced to sacrifice one thing that you hold most dear to your rotten hearts. Be it money, food, et cetera. Be thankful that you have what you have you ungrateful bastards. Not everyone is born with a roof over his or her head or food in the pantry.

What I’m seeing these days, is a massive influx of drooling, drug-fed, brainwashed children, who think that everything will be all right. I’ve got news for you too. The world is a shit hole of place and it’s only going to get worse. If you don’t die or become victim of the various diseases, drugs, rapists, murderers, pedophiles, or the military, you will die a horrible death in some retirement home, where your children will hardly visit and your memory will slowly bleed away, just like you let your life do. And even if you do contribute something to the world that changes it in some great and helpful way, you’ll just be a name or face in a history book for uninterested and ungrateful fifth graders, the page of your accomplishments covered in graffiti. Deal with it now you little tyrants; the world won’t always be so kind to you. If you think I’m being too uncensored for you, take a look at Pakistan or Iran or Africa. Those kids don’t have much going for them.

And so, sitting here typing this on a goddamn infernal machine that will be outdated at least five times while I wait for the fucker to upload, I ponder how many of you will read this. How many of you are going to agree with my words and how many are going to want to pick up a gun and go Spider hunting. And then I think to myself, not for the last time mind you, like I give two bits of a flying fuck what you think? I’m not writing this column for me. I’m writing it for all of you that might have some inkling of thought in that wasted space for a brain. If it weren’t for the noise pollution, everyone might be able to hear the wind whistling through the empty space between your ears, and if it weren’t for the ridiculously obese woman standing in front of you at the local McFucker’s, you might be able to acquire the same "super sized" meal that started the fat woman’s path to planethood. And if it weren’t for all the lies in the world, the lousy shit stream of information that the corporations broadcast daily, I might not have something to bitch about.

Thank you and fuck off,
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