The Coin Toss

While I feel that taking sides in most things is a bad idea and I tend to stay neutral, I am taking a side.

Anonymous has The Entropy Report’s full support in it’s endeavor to purge this money sucking virus known as Scientology.

Anonymous is NOT a terrorist organization.

Scientology is NOT a religion.

And the TRUTH will be brought forward.




~ by binarycheshire on February 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Coin Toss”

  1. I don’t take sides in regards to it. But I do think it’s a hilarious concept. And to be honest, it was probably invented to bring humor to people’s lives…at least, that’s what I’m hoping. If it was created in all seriousness, that’s just sad…

  2. It’s real, but there’s more to it than it first seems. There’ll be echos of this for years to come.

  3. I must agree with the humor part. I has brought me plenty. But then again, so have scientologists!

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