The Che$hire Becomes Binary

I’m now completely off the Wincrack.  ^.^

So far, Linux Mint bloody rocks.  I spent 3 hours updating my drivers, softeware, etc on my old windows system, and another 2 just to fix the fucking Wireless.  On Linux Mint?


Connectivity FTW!!!

As I move further into the Linux world I’m amazed that more people don’t use it.  Perhaps it’s the laziness.  Everyone wants it to be Instantaneous, etc, and use windows.  But Linux Mint is faster and more graphically pleasing than windows could ever be.  (With the exceptions of Windowsblinds things) And even then it’s not a good bet.

Been having some trouble with the themes.  Seems that I either fuck it up or the themes are wrong.  But either case, it can be solved with some study.

I’ve found myself not keeping up with The Entropy Report lately, and I need to get back on track with the rotting insides of our country.  But… Now that I have a system actually WORTH some time, I’ll probably have more material up soon.

A big thank you goes out to the Entire Linux community.  If not for your dedication, I would still be on that horrible other OS.  *hugs*

*Back to Work*

Off to work on the box,



~ by binarycheshire on February 12, 2008.

One Response to “The Che$hire Becomes Binary”

  1. Why don’t more people use Linux? Because the Linux experience is highly subjective. Linux is extremely weak in support of certain hardware, such as printers/copy machines/fax machines/scanners and wireless interfaces. Also, video games are a huge hindrance, though I think we’re beginning to see a shift to the console realm for gamers. Without the massive financial backing companies such as Sun Microsystems, Apple, and Microsoft have, it’s difficult to support such a massive range of hardware.

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