The Celebrity Cesspool

Ever notice just how nosy people really are?  It’s pretty damn obvious even if you’re completely blind.  Walk into a market place, there’s the tabloids, turn on the television; there’s nine different news casts about them, go online; there they are again.  It’s a never ending parade of brown nosing.  Just how far can we shove our heads up their asses?  It sickens me to think of them.  People who are famous…  They not only annoy me, but they hurt me as well.  They draw the publics attention away from the Truth.  They distract us from what goes on simply by breathing.  Everyone is so damn caught up in the ‘Stars’ lives that they’ve just about forgotten their own.  It must be nice to be one of the reasons for the down fall of the U.S.

Look on most any news site and the top or most popular story won’t be one of major importance, it’ll be something about Heath Ledger, or Brittney Spears.  It goes to show that the majority of America is addicted to Hollywood.  And damned if it’s not a hard drug.

We lie to ourselves, saying ‘what can it hurt?’ but in truth it can take everything away from us.  America needs to wean itself of this addiction to the ‘stars’ and get their heads above the water.  We’re too damn distracted as it is, we don’t need the celebs to make it worse…

I have a fix for this though.  Those celebrities that have caused the most drama should be shot.  All of them.

We could hold a massive celebration and have a real Celebrity Deathmatch.

Sick and Miserable,



~ by binarycheshire on February 2, 2008.

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