The Jakarta Jive #0 – Che$hire Begins

Greetings and Hello on this foul day in the year 2008.  I, Che$hire, will be posting a series of columns upon the ongoing Campaigns of the different candidates as well as my own personal beliefs and views on them and their abilities.  I warn you now that I’m not as nice as most people, nor am I one to pick favorites.  The Presidential Position is one of importance, but if you want the job too badly, or you’re just up there throwing your cash around, I’m going to call you out on it.

The Jakarta Jive will run until Election Day, where I will either vent and curse and riot about my little known blog until I’m either arrested or I’m given a medal.  Whichever comes first.  The Jakarta Jive #0 will be a small post because it is a beginning,  a launch pad for the greater goal, which is of course, world domination.  Pardon, World EDUCATION.  There.  Isn’t that better?

In the next Jakarta Jive we will write about the First TWO of the Presidential Hopefuls, in other words, the two that are most popular at the time, and work our way up or down from there.

Until then, sit tight, drink a beer, throw food at the wolves in congress, and generally have a good time.  2008 will be interesting.




~ by binarycheshire on January 6, 2008.

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