Lakota Start Independent State

Remember the date: December 19, 2007. The day we came closer to freedom.

The Lakota Tribe of Native Americans has withdrawn all treaties with the United States.  These treaties go back for around 150 years.  They have declared their land as an independent country, setting up a passport system, driver’s license system, and foreign embassies.  Citizen’s will not have to pay any taxes, as long as they renounce their US citizenship.

This is a HUGE event.  I can’t point that out enough.  The information I’ve been able to find hasn’t had much detail, but there are so many things I want to know. 

What is the immigration policy?  How are basic services(i.e. water, power, etc..) provided?  What laws will make this different from the United States? 

This is extremely fascinating to me, and you can bet I’ll be posting more info on it as it becomes available.  For now, check out some of these links:

Fox News
Boing Boing

Further information will be posted as I learn more and as more is in the news.  If anyone has information on this, I would love to hear it.  Comment or Email me at lhasa.jack(at)

The world just got a lot more interesting.
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~ by Jack Lhasa on December 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Lakota Start Independent State”


    that’s the official website. I was so excited by this news that the article above is not very thorough. I’ll be posting a new article, with a lot more information later today, or tommorrow.

  2. That is fucking awesome. And I stand with it entirely. Thus far at least. I’ll need to read up a bit more, but so far… 100%

    Good Post Loki.

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