Reflections in the Dark

Another rainy, dreary evening/morning winds to a slow close, the previous night wrought with an angry tension in the air. Bad vibes in this warm night in December. My first legal drink of alcohol. Amusing how I promise myself that I won’t drink but after the stress the bottle seems as good a place as any to curl up in. I never really approved of alcohol. I agree that while its effects are sometimes welcome, they rarely bring anything but negative side effects to any situation. Marijuana, although illegal, has never in my experience of being around it, caused anyone to become belligerent and mad. If anything, they laugh it off and move on. Some things are just not worth it. Rum, vodka, occasionally Chartreuse when I can get it… These have been my staples since I began drinking. Aside from beer of course, but who really counts beer as it is?

Seriously. In Mexico the water is so polluted that the safest thing to drink is the Coronas which are sold at about a quarter a piece. Amusing how the price jumps a few thousand times between the border and here. I don’t like corona. It’s piss water. At best. Guinness… Now there’s a beer that someone can wrap a mind around. Full bodied, nice coffee like after taste. It’s like a meal in a bottle. And on top of that, the drunkenness is a nice one, as opposed to badly made vodka.

I haven’t really had a good experience with alcohol to date. I got most of my drinking done at an early age. Not recommended, but I’m not telling you what to do, or even suggesting. Just stating a fact. When I hit nine-teen, my drinking days were done. No more crawling to the cold tile or linoleum floor of the bathroom to pray and prostrate myself before the porcelain god. Any god that people put waste into just doesn’t seem like the right one for me. Who knows, perhaps I just don’t have that Scat gene that would allow me to like it… I prefer to think, thank you.

Who else in the world agrees with me that while alcohol is okay, it’s not as great as everyone makes it out to be. Hell, I’m sure even the Irish are annoyed at the amount of jokes about their sobriety. Or would be if they weren’t so drunk. Har har. Sorry my fine friends, I couldn’t resist to throw in the obvious joke. But onward… Alcohol isn’t the only thing I feel like writing about.


Who believes in this ‘God’ figure? Does ‘he’ still believe in us? I wonder about this.

According to Christians, we are to believe in ‘him’ and to give thanks for his only son dieing for our sins. However… There are many many many different religions that have nearly if not the exact same stories. Birth, life, death, resurrection, blah blah fucking blah.

How’s this for a religion; Worship LIFE. Worship HONOR. Worship PEACE. Worship LOVE.

“We DO worship all those. Those are what we believe!” Some would reply. My response aside from a blink would be a slap in the face.

One word.


Another word.


Or how about selling absolutions? The Catholic church would sell forgiveness. If you were a sinner, it could be settled with a simple gift of money. *shivers* Money and greed walk hand in hand in the shadow of Death. If Misery loves company, then the Catholics have provided that company many times over. Hell, ANY religion that is against so much is as guilty of that as the next man.

Religion is simply too irritating of a topic for me at the moment. I’m sure to say something that I shouldn’t. Hell, I probably have. *laughs* Come come, nuclear bomb.


I close this post with a quote.

“For those we have lost, and those we will lose, We Remember.”



~ by binarycheshire on December 9, 2007.

One Response to “Reflections in the Dark”

  1. Ahh, fate is a harsh mistress. Mind if I smoke?

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