The Blurring Lines

When does the line between the Virtual and Reality as we know it begin to blur? Where do we, humanity, draw the line between what is real, and what is possible? What are the causes? What is the cure? Is a cure even necessary? I don’t believe it is. We are as close to immortality as we have been able to get in a long time. Why shouldn’t we advance, if not swiftly, then safely. Careful will get you killed. Humanity is on the brink of a new age; a silicon age, ruled by the common person through the medium of cybernetics and the First Amendment. Such things as Net Neutrality, and yes, sadly, the series of tubes that the Alaskan Senator spoke of, are perhaps the most crucial of topics. No one should have control of the Internet. No one. It belongs to the World. A repository of knowledge, wisdom, and hardcore porn (occasionally involving one or more farm animals). True, there lurks a dark side to the glorious gift that being a part of this Digital world comes with. But as with any cliched superpower that any hero gets, it is a double edged sword that can be used for the greater good, or for horrible destruction.


Such on-line realms like Second Life, Furcadia, and many more, offer the user the ability to be, do, and say, anything they wish or dream. It is a world governed by our morals and honor, as well as our sex drives and hormones. A world of electric pulses, not unlike those that, as you read this, are traveling up and down your spine and through your nerves. The ozone scent of electricity is almost an aphrodisiac for some. I sometimes find myself getting aroused by technology. I won’t lie. Some of those newer Macs wouldn’t be too bad in bed I’m guessing, though I suppose it would be hard to explain to Customer Service exactly WHY you’re just idly wondering how to clean up the semen that is, hypothetically, encrusting the insides of the computer.


Within the past two or so days, a seventeen year old Dutch boy was accused and arrested for “stealing” a large amount of Digital furniture from your on-line game and community, Habbo Hotel. The lines blur more. What is Real? What is not? The total that is being quoted on line is 2,840 British Pounds, 4,000 Euros, or $5,846.42 American dollars in stolen merchandise. $5, 846.42 worth of something that does not even physically exist. Perception once again plays a part. The items of note, as well as the game, are poorly rendered, digital bits of bullshit. It means nothing to me for I do not play the game. It is not my world. I have no use for such things. Less than worthless in my opinion. But you… To you, all you could ever want or dream of could be one of these digital items. And then what? This story outrages you? You are pissed that someone would scam so many people for so much money?


Think of it like this for a moment. The people that the seventeen year old scammed, WILLINGLY gave their passwords to this child. Not only that, but they were taught a lesson when they got burned for making a stupid decision. This is LIFE. It is not nice, it’s not easy, and most of all… It’s not FAIR. Before you grow up, you have to fall a few times. You don’t learn to not touch a hot stove because you’ve been burned before. Those people that this kids scammed won’t be as trusting next time. Hell, they may have even learned a thing or two about life. Interesting what lessons can be learned simply from being fucked over, neh?


The lines begin to blur even further as a new contender to the world becomes available. For $500 – $550 you can experience the first 3D, user immersed, entertainment system. Watch movies, play games, listen to MP3s, surf the Internet, work on those forms you’ve been avoiding… The possibilities grow larger and larger. We are nearing the future. Are you ready? It is called ‘Head Play’. An HMD (Head Mounted Display) connects to the PCS which in turn be hooked into anything from the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360, to your computer, television, and Ipod. While there are other things compatible, I do not currently have a net connection, so I could not tell you the rest of the things that are compatible. I apologize for this lack of information. I will edit this post with a full System Spec of the Head Play device and interface as soon as I have enough time.


Once again though, the double edged sword enters the fray. I recently saw a segment on CNN that all but called the online game/world of Second Life a degenerates wet dream. If they worry so much about this so called ‘virtual pedophilia’, why then would they do a segment that shows you how, where, and what to do to find it? The perceptions on this around the world are mixed. In the U.S.A, it is not considered illegal because no one was exploited in the creation of it. In Germany, you can get a stiff (har har) sentence for visiting such places on Second Life that cater to those who are Age Play participants. In China, the lines blur…


Perception… It kills revolutions, makes legends, and blinds us all. We change ours as we grow, denying that which is no longer true for US. Everyone sees things a bit differently, wouldn’t you agree? I would much rather people ACT like having sex with a child in a simulated environment than to actually have them DO the act. I believe that most would agree. Then there are those that believe that if you think it, then you have committed the crime in your mind already. I say but one thing to these people.


I think that I’d like my money back from God and the church that I gave it to. God didn’t get my money, one of the members of the church did. Perhaps I helped pay for his new BMW, or perhaps I helped pay for an abortion that one of the sisters needed. Regardless, when people begin speaking in the aformentioned patterns, I want to slap the shit out of them. I didn’t trust them then, nor do I trust them now. George Orwell had a phrase for it in the book titled ‘1984’.


This phrase was: THOUGHT CRIMES


Don’t let Big Brother control you.


Think for yourself.


Be yourself.


And remember…








~ by binarycheshire on November 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Blurring Lines”

  1. I think the next time I see a cause worthy enough to give MY money to, I will give it. Be it a friend, my mate, or someone who just actually needs the money to sustain their existence for a little longer, that will be my cause.

    Til then, Imma think for myself, try to keep on my toes, and keep trudging through life.

  2. Why all the updates?

  3. Well said.

    Just to present the opposite view, though: I think the issue some people have with pedophilia roleplay (and pedophilic stories, manga, etc) is that, it’s argued, it could lead to greater sexual objectifying of children and greater curiosity about what it might be like with real children, which in turn might lead to real-life acts. There isn’t any scientific evidence for that, though. I, as close to an unbiased observer as might be possible, would guess that the harmless alternatives to real-life acts provided by these outlets balances out (or possibly outweighs) any real-life acts that might indirectly result from them.

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